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Standardize enterprise process management and enhance enterprise core competitiveness

Time: 2021-09-16 Views: 1

In order to establish standardized working procedures and improve the adaptability, adaptability and execution of enterprises to the market environment, Chen Deliang, chairman of Restar group, led senior managers to learn video courseware such as quality management procedure, design and development process, production and service control process, through learning, digestion, innovation, integration Apply a series of methods such as implementation to create Restar's management process upgrading mode, and take a more solid step towards an excellent management enterprise.

The chairman proposed at the meeting that everything should be divided into several processes, and each process should be implemented according to the standard process. Standardizing and optimizing enterprise processes is definitely not to "look good", but to "do well". Process management is the guarantee of enterprise execution, the inevitable choice for enterprises to develop to a certain stage, and also a management method for enterprises to maximize benefits and competitiveness. The chairman asked the heads of all departments to reflect and understand the problems existing in the Department at this stage when learning the relevant contents of process management. Through learning the relevant contents, all departments should resolutely implement them to achieve the goal of building a high-performance team.

Finally, the chairman asked the heads of all departments to organize their members to carefully study the relevant contents of enterprise process management, sort out the core and auxiliary processes according to the actual situation of the Department, clarify the post responsibilities, eliminate barriers between departments, strengthen the assistance between teams, gather the development consensus of all employees, and improve the overall operation efficiency and benefits of the enterprise, Enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises!



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